To be understood

-By Ishaan Chopra

To be understood is to prostitute oneself, yet the lonely man stands on the street, ready to offer his hand to anyone who claims to have understood him. If to be known is to be loved then perhaps to be understood is to belong. People can explain their actions and express their feelings but this is nothing more than translated poetry, with the tragedy being that the person reading it is unaware of what he is missing, only the person who comprehends the original language can understand the subtle depth and the ineffable meaning that has been lost. Perhaps deep down we know that even words while they express our ideas and desires do not convey the entirety and intensity of our feelings and ideas, there is meaning lost along the way and the only one who realizes its’s absence is the one who had it in the first place, yet still poets write and we try to comprehend what little we can of human existence, after all where do thoughts end and feelings begin?

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